Painting and Drywall

When you enlist the help of Centennial P & T and owner Edgar Matute, you’re hiring a skilled painter backed by over 15 years of experience. Centennial P & T takes pride in making our clients happy. We don’t consider a job done until you’re satisfied.
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Professional Painting

Painting is a true skill. You don’t just want to hire some kid with a bucket of paint and a brush—you want a job done neatly, professionally, on time, and on budget. You want a room that looks beautiful and serves as a reflection of you. From a fresh coat of paint to beautiful stains for wood finishes, Centennial P & T is there to make your room feel wonderful to be in.

Drywall and Additional Services

Drywall is costly, and shouldn't be wasted. If not installed properly, it can break, crack, fall down, and leave your home or office looking sloppy and cheap. That is an experience you will never have when you hire Centennial P & T. Your walls and ceilings will look wonderful because they’ve been installed by a skilled professional with years of experience.

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